Setting up a blog – Part 2 – Installing WordPress

This is a follow on from Setting up a blog – Part 1. If you haven’t read that you may wish to go back and have a look. If you have used a different web host, which supports cPanel, then these instructions will still help you.

Welcome back. After our short break, hopefully the internet had enough time to catch up. It goes through a process known as propagation, where all the phone books used to make the internet work get told that there is a new address and new house in town and here is how to get there. (although it’s a lot geekier than that).

Following on from part 1, you should now have a brought a domain name and some web hosting and are ready to setup WordPress.

After signing up you will have received an email with your hosting information. It will have a section about accessing your cPanel control panel, with a URL, an IP address and a username and password. The URL is usually something like to that URL and login with the details that where provided in the email.

Installing WordPress via Cpanel

Step 2 - Instrallatron

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  • Scroll down in the Cpanel and look for “Installatron Applications Installer “
  • If it’s not selected, select the Applications Browser Tab.
  • Scroll down and look for the Application called “WordPress” and Click on it’s icon.
  • On the summary info page click on “install this application”
  • On the configuration page set the following settings:
  • Under Location.
    Path: make blank. (you could put it somewhere else if you like).
  • Under Version.
    Version: Latest
    Language: English
    License: Select I accept
  • Under Database.
    Automatically manage the database settings for me
  • Under Settings.
    Change the default administrator username from admin
    Change the Administrator password to something that suits you.
    Use your email address for administrators email (later we will show you how to setup
    Change the website title to the title of your site.
    Leave enable multisite as “no”.
  • Click “Install”
  • Wait 30 seconds for it to install.
  • You’re done. Now you test your blog at: and you can login to the control panel at and start using your new blog.

HELP! It’s not working! – Troubleshooting Tips.

Going to doesn’t work at all.
The process of DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours to fully complete. Try again soon. If it still doesn’t work after 48 contact the company that you registered the domain through.

I get a “this page is parked” message when I go to
The Nameserver are setup incorrectly then. You’ll need to do one of the following:
If your with view this article
If your with VentraIP view this article

Wrapping it up.

You have now successfully invested in your own little piece of the internet. In the next article we’ll go through how to tweak your WordPress install to get the most out of it.

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