Masterchef is a huge hit, then why not Mastergeek?

If you live in Australia like I do, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or behind a PC) you’ll no doubt have heard about Masterchef. The TV cooking show that has channel Ten’s prime time viewing hour, most nights of the week.
Or maybe you have seen one of those singing shows such as The Voice or Australia’s got talent.
They all follow a similar model. Get a large number of people with a common interest. Place them in an environment that tests every part of who they are. From there skills to their character. Then the boring ones get kicked off and the really good and exciting ones stay on.
Well I think it’s about time that we had a TV like that for geeks (and no, Beauty and the Geek doesn’t count!). We’ll call it Mastergeek.

It will test everything known to a geek plus some. Invention tests from scrap piles of electronics where geeks have only a mater of hours to build a robot. Pressure tests where geeks will be pumped with caffeine and then set about the task of hacking a seemly impossible network…all while keeping there heart rate under 80 bbm. The stakes will be high…but the glory of wining higher.

Move over Masterchef, Mastergeek is coming.

Telstra’s great outage. – What [didn’t] really happen.

Earlier Today Telstra had a little issue or two…with the countries internet. Here is how I imagine it going down.

Geek Jr: Arrr Sir, we have a bit of an issue at the moment.
Senior Geek: (who’s just returning from lunch) Well Jr, just spit it out and tell me what’s wrong.
Geek Jr: Well the light has stopped flashing on the internet.
Senior Geek: What do you mean the light has stopped flashing on the internet?
Geek Jr: The link light, that usually sits here and flashes all day as the country watches YouTube…it’s broken or something.
Senior Geek: (getting a little worried and red in the face). Well have you tired turning it off and on?
Geek Jr: No sir, didn’t think of that.

Senior Geek: (stomps past the Jr and reboots the router).
Both Geeks: Stare at the router for what feels like an hour as it powers up. 1 light, 2 lights, 3 lights. The flashing light begins to flash again.
Geek Jr: Look you fixed it!
Senior Geek: Of course I did. Haven’t you learnt that, that’s all we get paid to do yet! Idiot. (goes back to playing minesweeper on his PC).