Telstra’s great outage – The internet wasn’t the only thing broken

Telstra had a bit of an outage today, which resulted in a large number of customers not able to access the internet. But that wasn’t the only fault that they had. One of my large customers that I perform my geek magic for has a couple of offices, both of which alerted me to the issue after it arose around 1:37 today. I originally through that maybe just the exchange was playing up, so I decided to log a fault. This is usually a painless process given it’s a business account. A quick call to their 13 something number, I get to talk to an Australian and then it becomes someone else’s problem. Only problem, I couldn’t get through. (usually there’s a press 1, then 2 menu, but nothing). Hmmm maybe the exchange just blew up, let’s try the mobile. Nope, nothing. Ok, let’s call our account manager. I got him on the line, he said, try this other number. I tired that one, I was connected to the menu. I pressed 5, then 1, then 2 (Telstra Business Internet Fault). After about 1 miniute the call was just dropped. Hmmm strange. I called back the Account Manager. He was just heading out of the office, and had since had a number of other clients call him about the issue. After telling him the issues I was facing, his response:

Telstra: You have Bruce’s email don’t you?
ageek: Yes
Telstra: Just send him an email outlining the 2 faults that you are having, both with the 13 numbers and your internet.

Hold the line a second…The internet has stopped working. Last time I checked, email runs over the…internet.