Telstra’s great outage. – What [didn’t] really happen.

Earlier Today Telstra had a little issue or two…with the countries internet. Here is how I imagine it going down.

Geek Jr: Arrr Sir, we have a bit of an issue at the moment.
Senior Geek: (who’s just returning from lunch) Well Jr, just spit it out and tell me what’s wrong.
Geek Jr: Well the light has stopped flashing on the internet.
Senior Geek: What do you mean the light has stopped flashing on the internet?
Geek Jr: The link light, that usually sits here and flashes all day as the country watches YouTube…it’s broken or something.
Senior Geek: (getting a little worried and red in the face). Well have you tired turning it off and on?
Geek Jr: No sir, didn’t think of that.

Senior Geek: (stomps past the Jr and reboots the router).
Both Geeks: Stare at the router for what feels like an hour as it powers up. 1 light, 2 lights, 3 lights. The flashing light begins to flash again.
Geek Jr: Look you fixed it!
Senior Geek: Of course I did. Haven’t you learnt that, that’s all we get paid to do yet! Idiot. (goes back to playing minesweeper on his PC).

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